email marketing & sales reporting

Payhelm is a marketing & analytics platform
specially designed for BigCommerce, Shopify & PayPal

Analyze your sales in one spot.

Email customers across all your channels.

With Payhelm, you can send branded emails perfectly timed to grow your sales on Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, or BigCommerce.

Multichannel communication for Shopify customer service

Grow your sales with beautiful & smart emails

Payhelm stores and analyzes all of your data in order to see which products are selling well. Ensure your buyers see the products that make you the most money. Period.

Instant chat and Shopify order tracking

Target buyers when they are most interested in buying again

Payhelm's A.I. based learning algorithms ensure your email remarketing works.

Set up email remarketing rules to help grow your sales across channels.

Customer service and Shopify app automation

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